Dr. Merritt will be presenting :

Meet America’s Top 20 Alternative Doctors in Phoenix this May

At this unique event, you’ll be able to:
  • Meet America’s Top 20 Alternative Doctors
  • Attend Workshops in an Open House Atmosphere
  • Talk with the Doctors and Ask Questions
  • Celebrate at Saturday’s Black-Tie Gathering

Book Release:
The Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America

In addition to the workshops, conference sessions, and the exciting gala, you’ll receive a copy of the new book America’s Top Alternative Doctors. You will be able to spend time with these doctors and have your copy (or copies) signed at the event.

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- a note from our Medical Director

This website is mostly a collection of the latest research articles on lead, EDTA treatments, and assorted envrionmental concerns that are related to heavy metals. We do not sell anything on this website. However, we do send out monthly newsletters so sign up if you are interested in the latest articles on the subject.

In my mind, after reading all the NIH(National Institutes for Health) and CDC(Center for Disease Control) articles, lead is the number one problem leading to vascular disease in the US and it is my mission as a primary care internist, to get this word out. The NIH has been studying the collection of lead in the bones, where 90% of your lead exposure ends up, and has found that in the top third of adults over 40 in the US there is 837% increase in cardiovascular mortality!! This is 3x higher than any of the recognized cardiac risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol. In the CDC studies published over the last three decades called NHANES (National Health and Nutritional Environmental Survey) blood lead has been studied. Blood lead only stays in blood for 60 days so it is a short term marker and due to taking lead out of paint and gas in the 1970's we have lowered the blood levels 75%. However, the NHANES 3 studies showed that if your blood lead is over 3ug/dl, you have over a 250% increase in cardiovascular mortality. Today's EPA (enviornmental protection agency) only recognizes adult lead toxicity if lead is > 20ug/dl, which is extremely out of kilter with the data! The CDC lowered childhood poisoning to 5ug/dl last year, but national, local and state agencies cut their funding to children with lead by over 90% in response. Since dust is one of the major sources of lead, it is heartening to see that mixing fish bones with "leaded" dirt causes the lead to rendered inactive if swallowed, and it is not absorbed.

There are many solutions out there. We are dedicated to finding them. The TACT trial, which our clinic was part of, is about to be published and it showed that IV EDTA is 39% better than standard of care post MI in patients with diabetes and previous anterior myocardial infarcts We have many of the major articles from NIH and CDC in our resource section. Please read them and enjoy! Get tested, Get treated, Get the lead out !!!

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